Hey trend setter! Here’s 100 songs and trending audio ideas for you to use in your Instagram and TikTok content.

Designed for newborn, baby, maternity, family or any lovey dovey photography genres.

100 Songs for Portrait Photographers to use in Instagram and TikTok Content
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Why is trending audio important?

Selecting great audio to add to your Instagram Reel, Story or TikTok video is an important part of the content creation process! Adding a soundtrack to your video helps bring your imagery to life, tell your story and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

The music or audio that you select also acts as an extension of your brand voice – so choose wisely!


Jumping on an audio trend is a handy way of helping push your content to a wider audience. Most social media platforms prioritise videos with trending audio so keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not before you post.


Need help finding songs that work for your business? Here’s a list of 100 of our favourites. They have all been selected specifically for the newborn, maternity and portrait photography industries. To download the list, simply add your email address above.


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