“Look at those baby blues.”

“Sooooooo cute.”

“Family is everything.”

“Love is in the air.”

Are you guilty? Of writing captain-obvious captions in your social media marketing?

(Let’s call it a “caption obvious” hey! And add a pirate emoji for effect)


Well, call the Instagram police because you’re under arrest for lack of inspiration, exhaustion and to-do list fatigue.

You see … I get it! It’s not that you can’t do it … it’s just that writing great captions is hard.

You’re already snowed under doing all of that other business-y stuff.

Hello editing backlog … I see you too.

And you probably just don’t know where to start!

So who’s got time to worry about it?

Sorry RuPaul, I’m here to tell you that you DO need to put some effort into caption writing unfortunately. No-one liking or commenting on your photos any more? It has a lot to do with those few words you write under your image. If you’re not putting in the effort, either will your followers, clients and fans!

Engagement is KEY to growing your social media following and showing up in people’s newsfeeds right now. That’s likes, shares, comments and saves.

So let me ask you this, how often do YOU write comments on other people’s posts? 

Well, the numbers are in and the average Facebook user only writes 5 comments per MONTH. What about likes? Well, that’s not much better. It’s only 15!

I’m not shocked really. I’m not a hardcore liker and commenter either. But mostly because no-one is making it worth my while! Or inspiring me to do so. Humans are so needy right? “What’s in it for meeeeeee?” 🙄

Ask yourself this … why would a follower of your social media account feel compelled to write a comment on a photo of a person that they don’t know, will never know and don’t really care about.

Just because you have a pretty photo? Rarely.

Ohhh but Kate, they USED to do it.

Yeah, true. Back in the golden era of Facebook when pretty photos in our newsfeed were still a novelty, we actually SAW posts of pages we liked and we weren’t burnt out from social media saturation.

Things are different now. If you want engagement on your posts (which you do so the platforms will think you are popular and people will see you – but that’s a blog for another day), you’ve gotta level up your caption writing game!

Anyone else’s kid hardcore into Mario? Lucas is! Makes present shopping a quick shop to EB Games for merch every year. Winning!

Here’s a few things photographers do wrong with their caption writing …

The CAPTION OBVIOUS! ☠️ Ahoy me hearties. Did you know that your followers have pretty good eyesight? If your captions are just you explaining exactly what they are already seeing in the image, you probably need to give that a rest. It’s kind of like man-splaining. Get what I’m saying? There’s a big difference between telling a story  or creating a feeling about a feature in your image and just pointing it out.

The cliché. Ohhhhh boy. Are we sick of those! But I get it … they come so naturally. “Pretty as a picture.” “Love is in the air.” It’s a bit boring right? Nothing too inspiring here.

The “I” “I” “I” (or aye aye aye haha. Pirate theme still going strong today Kate) Yep … spend your days talking about yourself on social media and your clients think there is literally nothing in it for THEM! Try a bit more of “You” and “Your” when you start your sentences and see how that changes the whole vibe of your caption!

Your captions probably provide little or no value to your NEXT client. Oh boy, we talk about this a lot in my Socially Set course. You need to learn the fine art of balance … keeping your current clients happy and loved while also attracting new ones. There’s lots we can learn about here and it’s EASY. I promise.

Not understanding how to stop the scroll! There’s a formula to great caption writing and step 1 is the HOOK! If you don’t catch their attention in those first 125 characters (before the … more link), they’re just gonna roll on by.

When was the last time you actually ASKED your readers to engage with a specific post? You can’t presume someone is going to take action just because you want them to. CALL them to take action. (You might know it as a CTA … you can learn about that here too.)

There’s plenty more to talk about but that might be enough of those for now.


Take a look over your own caption writing and see if you’re doing any or all of the above. There’s a few great tips there and simple changes you can make to start moving in the right direction.

You really don’t need to be an amazing writer or storyteller to write great social media captions.

Most of the time the hardest part is just getting started, isn’t it!

If this is an area of your business you want to improve this year, I’ve got a few things that can help you …

It’s a web application system that I have built that does all of the hard work for you. Photographers LOVE it. It is a true time saver. Imagine an online system filled with mountains of wordy inspiration for your posts. A place where you can:

  • Search easily for captions written specifically for photographers to match your images
  • Copy + paste words, phrases and more with prompts to make them personal and align with your brand voice
  • Learn the formula to writing great captions that will help you get started with ease every single time
  • Understand better exactly what kinds of content you need to be writing about in your social media marketing.

I promise you this … when you’re in there, you will never ever be lost for words again.

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Well, when I started writing this blog I didn’t think I’d be quoting Jack Sparrow by the end of it. Gotta give the guy some cred though right!? Dude knows how to get attention for sure! Got an Instagram account we can follow sir?