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Know those photographers that you LOVE? The ones who take incredible photos, are booked solid and seem to have mountains of comments on their social media posts?

Yep, I follow heaps of them. I’m friends with LOTS of them (hi guys 😘). Many of them are clients of mine.

You need to stop comparing your marketing and success online to them … STAT!

Here’s why.

Many of these incredible photographers built their online success (specifically – follower numbers) in the glory days of Instagram and Facebook. They were industry leaders and jumped onto platforms quickly, curated an amazing personal brand and grew a huge audience – fast!

Reality is, it is craaaaazy hard to do this now and and honestly, it shouldn’t be a priority for you anyway.

Follower numbers (vanity metrics) are out. Reach and engagement are IN.

So is creating a social media presence that acts as a resource for new clients – it’s not just about posting pretty pictures any more!

A lot of these talented peeps no longer rely on social media for their bookings. So their strategy changes. They have been working in the biz long enough now that a lot of their work comes from referrals, word of mouth, repeat clients and the almighty Google.

This may or may not be the case for you.

But when it does, you might notice a change in your marketing game too!

How good is it when your calendar is full of repeat work and referrals! Welcome back BFF!

Their posting strategies, copy and caption writing, hashtag game and other platform technicalities may be different to yours. For a whole host of reasons. If you were booked months ahead, would you spend hours writing engaging captions on socials? Nah, probably not hey.

I’m definitely not saying these togs don’t need to work as hard as you do on social media. They really do, but often in a different way. Having a huge following isn’t always a golden ticket and can be tricky to navigate, particularly as the platforms change. 

Be careful what you wish for everyone.

My point is, they are often already prioritised in the feed due to their popularity and experience and the little things might not have as big an impact than they would for you.

Many of them are coaches, teachers and sell products for photographers. Their audience is different to yours! They have most likely changed their messaging and focus and are using social media to attract YOU (which is why you’ve landed there right?) than to always catch the eye of future clients. They’ve often got that bit sorted elsewhere!

Take a look in the comments section of your favourite photographer’s latest posts. Notice anything? Prove me wrong but I’d go as far as to say that 80% of comments are from other photographers, not clients or the general public.

See! They’re finding it hard to get (other) people to comment on their posts too!

Welcome to the neighbourhood! We all live here now.

I’m writing this article today to save you some angst.

If you’re new to the game or a few years into your business and look at your social media with a sad face every day.

Why is no-one commenting or liking my photos any more?

Why is it so hard to grow my followers?

How can I get seen by more future clients?


Our favourite, experienced photographers aren’t having much luck either, trust me. We talk.

But here is what they have done MAGNIFICENTLY that most other photographers have not.

  1. They’ve shown up. Over and over and over again.
  2. They’ve built an incredible PERSONAL BRAND. Face to camera, sharing values, regular behind the scenes footage, client gold.
  3. They’ve elevated their clients to BFF status and have consistently created gorgeous, adorable and shareable content.
  4. They have been PATIENT! For most of them, this took years … and a lot of hard work. They never gave up.
  5. They were true to themselves. No-one else.

Oh and they’ve invested hours of their time and a whole lot of their dollars into learning how to take incredible photos too.

There’s that.

Bow down to the queens (and kings) who have figured this social game out.

Feeling sad? Please don’t!

This article isn’t meant to discourage you … it’s just a reality check ok! It’s awful to be living in “why can’t it be me” land and doing loops on the hamster wheel without any success. I have totallllllllly been there.

It’s problematic to be looking up to your mentors and thinking that if you just do the same, it could be you too!

What I teach is to change your thinking about social media. We’re all a bit stuck in the past, am I right? Comparing ourselves to others who have paved the way before us but then not really doing anything to improve.

“Kate … it’s sooooooo exhausting.”

Yeah, it really is. Ask any of my amazing friends and industry leaders who you might look up to on social media. Reckon it came easy to any of them? No way! They have worked hard – 9 to 5 and beyond – that’s for sure. And still do now.

Beyonce AND Dolly in the same blog post? Iconic.

So what should YOU do?

  1. Accept that social media success looks different now.
  2. Learn what that means and create a plan.
  3. Work out the best way to do it all and then put it in the DONE basket. There is way more to marketing your photo biz than posting to socials!
  4. Stop doing what you always did and expecting a different outcome.
  5. Get a better understanding of how to tweak some small things first and then work on the big stuff.

Posting your photos to Instagram and Facebook is definitely NOT a waste of time!

In fact, it is more important now than ever.

(Remember that stat from the 2021 Professional Photography Survey? That 93% of your future clients will check you out on socials before booking with you. Yep! Don’t forget that.)

But cutting through the noise is definitely harder.

Growing a following is near impossible.

You might need to change a few things.

Need help?

That’s what I do these days!

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Keep going guys. I’m with you.

Kate x