Wait … what? 

Did I just saying that being YOU on social media is more important than the quality of your photos?

Well yes, I did. Controversial?

I don’t think so.

Here’s why.

There are lots of great photographers. Plenty. You know this already. It’s one of the things that stresses you out more than anything doesn’t it! Or at least it might have when you were early on in your business.

How on earth can I complete in my area when it’s already saturated with photographers?

They’re years ahead of me already.

What will people think when they see that I have 800 followers and they have 8,000?

I know, I’ve thought all of those things too.

But here’s the thing … when a client is booking a photography session, they’re not just getting photos.

They’re investing in photos AND an experience.

A day with you. Hours of your time. Friendship. Fun. A morning spent in your lovely studio or on location.

It’s a bit like going to the hairdresser right?

When I go in for my half head of foils (with long, thick hair), I know I’m gonna be sitting in that space for a good 3+ hours. And I’ll get a coffee and one of those delicious little biscuits. Don’t forget the chatting … ohhhh so much chatting! The head massage! OMG … can we all please take a moment to be thankful for that part of the experience. I’d pay just for THAT!

The experience that you have has a lot to do with whether or not you’ll go back, right? Equally as much as the great hair at the end? Possibly. It’s the reason why people often go back to the same hairdresser for YEARS. 

Because they like HER (or him of course). 

They love the vibe of the salon.

They love the whole pampery experience.

The hair? Oh yes, it’s great too.

See how this relates to your photography business?

There are plenty of great hairdressers who can do a nice half head of foils. The same way there are lots of photographers who can take gorgeous family photos.

The difference lies in the other stuff. That’s what’s going to win you the clients.

Not all businesses are like this though right? Cake makers, fine artists, website designers. They’re creators too, just like you. But the difference is that you have little or nothing to do with the person creating the product, right?

I give my cake maker a quick call, tell her I need 24 Paw Patrol cupcakes STAT and when they’re ready, I go and pick them up. 5 minute chatter in the driveway. The end. Cakes are delicious and look good – that’s all that matters. There wasn’t much of an experience. Are you with me?

How cool are these! Not my photo (found it on Pinterest here) but I could have done with these last year! How many hours of this have you been forced to watch with your kids? Rubble is definitely the best, right?!

So, how can you give your future clients on social media a glimpse of the experience?

Well … you can tell them about it! But today I’m not talking about your studio or the type of biscuit you’ll give them, I’m talking about YOU!

Because your space and your coffee making skills are a very small part of the experience picture. The biggest part of it is YOU! The photographer. If they don’t love you, then they had better LOVE your photos or else you’re probably not going to book them.

The most successful social media marketers that I see in our industry are the ones who share parts of themselves online in order to build a relationship with their clients before they’ve even sent the first enquiry email.

They share their values. What drives them. Why they do what they do (like REALLY … not in a cliché kind of way)

Their interests. The everyday ones and the weird ones that make them unique. 

Their lives behind the scenes (on a Goldilocks-y level… not too little and not too much)

They talk about the ups and downs of their lives and business.

They connect with others and build relationships with other complimentary businesses.

They are vulnerable and REAL.

They do this in their posts, their caption writing, their Instagram stories, their emails, their website copy and when they reply to enquiries online or on the phone.

The picture you need to paint isn’t perfection.

When you share the real you, people understand what kind of experience their photography session will be.

If they like your photos, they MIGHT book with you.

If they like your photos AND you (because they feel like they already know you, they are MUCH MORE LIKELY to book with you.

If they’re choosing between two photographers with similar photos … they’ll choose photos + a great experience every time.

As for pricing? Well … if you show them that it will be a great experience, the value immediately goes up, up, UP! If all they’re getting is photos, you’ll need to stay in that lower price range for a little longer. Bummer!

So how on earth do you do ALL of that on social media?

You’re a busy person, I know. I used to be you. Some days I would cry looking at that editing list and wonder how I was going to get it all done in time.

What you crying about gorgeous girl? I’m the one who has to sit up until 2am editing your photos! If anyone should be in tears, it’s ME!

The great news it that it is actually really easy to do this on socials. And it doesn’t always mean doing live videos or face to camera stuff if that freaks you out.

The way you do it is with CONTENT PILLARS. 

Organised topics of content that you can call on when you are busy.

Relevant and personal stuff that will build your online brand.

You only need a few and I’ll help you work out what this means for you. Because every single photographer is going to be different and the only way this will work is if you are true to yourself.


  1. Jump on my FREE LIVE WEBINAR on Thurday July 27th at 12pm AEST (1pm AEDT, 2am GMT or 6pm PST Wed) and I’ll talk you through it.
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  3. Join my Socially Set course. We do a good 2-3 modules on exactly THIS and we work together in my secret society Facebook group forever.

Don’t be afraid … this is all GOOD NEWS! You get to be you online, isn’t that great! 

The online marketing space is changing. Influencers posing against flower walls and fake flat lays of ‘life’ are out and vulnerability and real life is IN! Thank god for that! I don’t have a single flower wall near my house to use. So inconvenient. 

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