Hey! I’m Kate Higgins.

Owner of A Little Life

Photographer  &  Teacher

I’ve been working in the design space since ye olde university days where I studied a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Design. Well, truth be told, I also started an IT degree but dropped out sobbing when it got too mathsy for my liking (I’m more into the pretty digital stuff so it turns out).

Thankfully I had already done all of the fun and arty IT subjects and this is when I met one of the greatest digital loves of my life … PHOTOSHOP! Oh wow, do I remember the day that I first turned that flower from red to blue. What magic hey! I’ve been pretty much obsessed with graphic design, photography and videography ever since and so, here we are.

I love working in business. Particularly the small ones. Startups, one (wo)man bands, creatives, services, whoever. I am the daughter of two crazy entrepreneurs and have spent my life watching businesses grow from that initial idea through to the very end. I’ve lost count of the number of websites, logos and brochures I’ve designed over the years!

In 2012 I started my own professional photography & videography business and lived the life of a portrait photographer for many years. It was great, but there are only so many babies and weddings a girl needs to photograph in her life. After working as head creative on a variety of other small startups, I realised that I preferred helping OTHER people market and design for their businesses waaaaaaaay more than I did for my own!

A gorgeous friend of mine was struggling with her social media content and I was like … stand aside lady, I’ll do it for you. And so A Little Life Creative was born. A magical land of all things design that you need for your busy business. The stuff you don’t know how to do, don’t have time to do or would just rather not do. Let me teach you how to do it or give you a hand so you can get back to focusing on the things you love. Everyone’s a winner!

Kate x 

Other things I love …

MUSIC! Triple J. Live Gigs. Festivals.

Hiking. Rainforests. Sunsets. Mountains.

Mental health. Wellbeing. Good vibes.