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Nobody L👍KES or L❤️VES your photos any more?

Posting to social media feels like a major waste of time?

You don’t know what to post, when to post it or where to direct your energy?

And as for caption writing, OMG, what on earth do you say?

Most photographers find marketing their business in the digital world exhausting.

There’s not a lot of time left in the week after you’ve finished liaising with clients, shooting, packaging up print orders and of course, ALL THAT EDITING!

Oh and your family and friends … remember them?

How about self care? Did you eat lunch today? That share pack of Maltesers doesn’t count.


Every photographer needs to have an active social media presence.

Because when you stop showing up online, the bookings dry up too.

Sorting your social media is easier than it seems – when you know what to do.

You can get it done fast.

You can be true to yourself.

And nobody is going to make you dance in any TikTok videos (unless you want to of course!)

The platforms have changed – yes – so there’s a few things to learn. But I’m here to tell you exactly what to do.


This course has absolutely blown me away.

I didn’t realise that I wasn’t using social media the way I needed to in order to attract clients. I was blindly posting, trying to find the words and not using it to its full potential. This course has completely changed the way I use social media.

I attract clients rather than have to seek them out and have gone from struggling at the end of the pandemic and non-existent on social media to a fully booked calendar, engaging and fun posts on socials and so excited for the coming year.

This course has been an enormous boost for me – confidence and self-esteem, marketing, and for setting some achievable goals at a time when I was really struggling and had almost decided to throw in the towel.

Kate’s course has all the tools and guidance you need to successfully market yourself, (your true self!), to your ideal clients.

Me! I’ll totally help you.

I’m Kate Higgins. Portrait photographer, qualified marketer (and teacher) who loves hanging out in the digital world!

I understand what it’s like to run a photography studio – in the good times and the bad!  It also turns out that I know how to create awesome, engaging and interesting social media content. Handy huh!

I love helping photographers like you to create better marketing systems for your business. I’ve lived through a burn out story or two and know how hard it can be to juggle it all. Kids, family, business, a 70-200mm in one hand and a toddler in the other.

We’ll build your business brand and sort your socials so that the whole experience is fast, fun and full of all things … YOU! It’s not that tricky when you know what to do. I promise!

It’s a 10 module digital marketing course for photographers that will help you take your socials from drab to fab!

Socially Set is great for all experience levels! Whether you use the platforms regularly or you’re a total tech newbie.

My team and I will help you design a marketing system to suit your business goals, shooting scheduling and family life. This definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach!

We’ll help you look deeper into your business brand and teach you how to create content that your current clients will love and the right kind of new ones will be drawn to!

Best of all, you will learn how to do it fast … so you can get back to doing the other important stuff on your never ending to-do list!


It’s not 2018 any more peeps. So how should you sell your services socially in 2022 and beyond? Are the platforms a waste of time? No way!


Who are you really and who do you want to be online? How to be different without faking it. Design a brand voice and social media identity that works for you.


What to post and where to post it to make your accounts look great and support your brand. It’s time to get stylish and socially savvy!


What on earth should you say? Let’s talk words and messaging to improve your branding and engagement. Writing a great caption can be easy, when you know the right formula.


It’s time to deep dive into the tech of each platform and work out what you need to use and what you can ignore. Don’t want to dance in Instagram reels? I’m definitely not going to make you!


Are you into it yet? You really need to be. Those Gen Z kids are growing up fast and guess what? They’re not hanging out on Facebook anymore. Are you prepared to market your business to the next generation?


Yes it works! If you do it right. It’s time to build a great hashtag strategy that will help spread the word and boost your reach.


Hallelujah! Let’s start SMEDULING (my way of saying social media scheduling). It’s time to get a grasp on how to do it, fast! Learning this will be a lifesaver and business changer – I promise!


Your old customers are your best marketing assets! Let’s learn how to create amazing content that your clients will share far and wide. It’s easier than you think!


Now that you’ve sorted your social game, what’s next? There’s more to marketing your photography biz than a few nice Instagram posts.


Best course ever!

I used to just post my sneak peeks at any time of the day and on any day. Sometimes I would go days without posting anything and other days I would post 3 times. This course has taught me about what to post, when to do it, what to say to get more engagement and also what all of the different functions in Instagram are for. There is so much more to it than just posting cute babies every day.

I highly recommend this course to any photographer whether you are new or have been photographing for years.

The amount of information that you get is simply priceless. And it’s so much fun!


🙌  Stand out online in a saturated and competitive industry

🙌  Keep up with the platform changes and work out what you need to know

🙌  Use digital marketing to get more bookings

🙌  Become memorable on social media for being YOU

How does the course work?

Socially Set is a learn-at-your-own pace course that allows you to work through videos, worksheets and more when it suits you. All course materials are accessed in our online training portal with regular live calls, challenges and other bonus material provided in our private Facebook group.  The course is designed to be worked through in order from Module 1 to 10 but if you need a skill ASAP or are further ahead than others, you can skip to the lesson you need at any time.

Can I get help when I need it?

Of course! I do my best to answer any questions you may have in our Facebook community within 48 hours but you will find the knowledge of previous members a huge asset too! There is always someone keen to help!

What kind of photography genres do you talk about?

Socially Set is designed specifically for portrait photographers. We talk mostly about newborn, baby, maternity, family, birth, boudoir, kids, graduation, fine art, pet and cake smash photography but the skills learnt can transfer across virtually any genre!

So you’re Australian … but what if I live in another country?

The course is suitable for anyone, anywhere! We have course members join us from around the globe and many of our bonus educators are located in New Zealand, The USA and The United Kingdom. We try to vary the times of our live calls so that course members worldwide can join as often as possible but all materials are either available by demand or via replay so you won’t miss a thing!

I’m not great with technology. Is this course difficult?

No! That’s the whole idea. We’re here to teach you exactly what you need to know about social media platforms and many of our videos talk you step by step through the techy stuff.

Is the course suitable for all experience levels?

We’ve had photographers of EVERY experience level come through Socially Set. Brand new. Moving locations. Years in the industry. There really is something for everyone. With the ever changing nature of social media, there is always something to learn.

What if I join the course and realise it’s not quite right for me and my business?

Well, it hasn’t happened yet! But if it did, we do offer a 7 day no-questions-asked refund policy so just let me know.

What’s the vibe like inside the course?

FUN! So fun! Lots of laughs, support, high fives and problem solving as a team. Here’s what a few of my awesome course members have said … 

Chontelle Perrin Photography, Young NSW

Kate is the bomb! Such a great educator. It never felt like I was in a class but more like learning from a super smart best mate.
Kate and the group are super supportive and a great little community to ask questions and share your wins that the course has given you.

Renae Lowe Photography, Mount Gambier, SA

I can’t imagine a better course coach than Kate. I found her so down to earth, fun and easy to listen to, and so helpful all the way through. Kate is just so relatable, says what is on her mind, and encourages you just to go for it. I never felt stupid asking questions, (well, I did feel a little stupid sometimes, but Kate never made me feel uncomfortable). Kate is also very knowledgeable and passionate about what she is teaching, and it really shows. Kate is not just all about Social Media, she has experience in the photography industry and understands the highlights and the struggles that we encounter.

Pay in Full Discounted Price USD$497


Payment Plan of 4 x USD$137.50 monthly payments.

Credit Card or PayPal available.

Includes the 10 Module online course & access to our private Facebook community.

Want to add our incredible Caption Creator software access too?

Buy the bundle and save USD$100.

 Making your Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts look great is just one area of the Socially Set experience, but it’s definitely one of the most FUN parts of the journey. Take a look at some of the amazing transformations past clients have made in just a few weeks!

Many transformations happen in other areas too like caption writing, using new features of the platforms, engagement, branding and more! We really do work on every area of your digital marketing in this course.

When you decided to become a photographer, you probably didn’t think you’d spend more time marketing your business than taking photos did you?! I get it, I felt the same. Except I had a marketing degree up my sleeve to help me.

There’s a lot you need to do to effectively market your photography business and getting your socials is a great place to start! The whole idea is that we set you up for success so that you can put it in the “done” basket and get on with everything else that needs doing.


It’s such a relief to have someone to help you along the way, isn’t it!

WOW! What are you doing all of the way down here?

If you’ve made it this far down the page, you’re obviously a serious researcher. Go you!

Is there anything else I can help you with? I’m just an email away if you have any further questions or hey, you can even give me a call on +61410539762! I’m totally happy to chat with you on the phone if you’d like to check I’m not a robot or find out if this course is definitely for you.

If you’re still not 100% sure, don’t take it from me. Have a read of the amazing testimonials that my past course members have left for me. I may have cried a bit when they wrote them (not because they were bad haha).

🙌  You need some help with your social media marketing

🙌  You want to join a supportive and fun community of other portrait photographers

🙌  You love a laugh and could do with some positivity in your life right now

🙌  You’re ready to book more clients and level up your business

Oh and did I mention that $10 from every course sale goes towards our YES MAMA Mental Health projects supporting new mums with postnatal anxiety and depression?

Oh and that we walk for our wellbeing as a team during the course and plant trees along the way?

And then and then and then and then ….

Seriously, there’s so much more but it’s probably time you just come and join us and find out for yourself.

Sorting your social media is easier than it seems – when you know what to do.

You can get it done fast.

You can be true to yourself.

And nobody is going to make you dance in any TikTok videos (unless you want to of course!)

The platforms have changed – yes – so there’s a few things to learn. But I’m here to tell you exactly what to do.