People often ask me what tech I LOVE so here’s a handy list of faves that you might like to check out. Some I act as an ambassador for, some I just share because I hardcore love them … but I absolutely only recommend the products or services that I use every day so I hope it helps!

Oh boy, these guys have saved me SO MANY TIMES! If you have a WordPress website (and a love hate relationship with it like I do!) then you are going to want a tech team like these guys up your sleeve. They can solve most problems pretty quickly, help create new site features and do other cool stuff like SEO support and more. They are located in Brisbane Australia but support businesses worldwide. Find out more here.

It is absolutely no secret that my favourite 3rd party social media scheduling platform is LATER! This system has it all and for most photographers or small business owners, their free account is all you need! If you click here to join you get an extra 10 posts in your first month so … why not hey!

If you’re ready to get a bit fancy with your email marketing and need some gutsy automation systems happening, Active Campaign is my go-to! It’s not the cheapest so for regular mail outs, I’d recommend somewhere else (below). But if you love the idea of people jumping on your mailing list and emails automatically going out depending on who they are, what they booked, what they’re interested in etc, AC is the winner by far! Check it out here …

If you want to send basic newsletters to your clients then Mailer Lite is my absolute fave option! There are a lot of email marketing programs on the market just like this one but Mailer Lite are by FAR the cheapest as your email list grows. You can even get $20 credit when you sign up via this link – handy huh!

King Sumo is a handy competitions app if you’re looking to run a giveaway or list building activity online. They have a pretty awesome lifetime deal for $49 which is what I originally signed up for. Hopefully it’s still available when you read this! Here’s $10 to spend to try it out …

Check back soon for more tech goodies!